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DECOS, decos, everywhere..

I thought I'd gotten rid of all of my decos. Wellllp..I spring cleaned and no, I have not. So let me know if you know of anyone looking for some. Thanks everyone..I'd love to get these moving again!!

decos and miss ya :)

i am nearly done sending out all of my excess but have maybe 10 or 15 decos left. anyone know someone who is needing some? 

i miss everyone on here. i'm not so talented that i can do myspace, lj, facebook. jeeeeeeez. i just dont know that many people. hahaha.

i have a cell now and have unlimited cell phone service and texting.  if you want to talk or text... my number is  314 243 1338    or you can send your info to my email    vivaladiane at yahoo.com

love ya!

across the universe

i've never liked the beatles in my entire life.  sure, i'll admit they've had some catchy tunes. so...i was super reluctant to watch ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. 
the movie captured me from start to finish. there wasn't a scene/song/part that i didn't like. 

if you've seen it........let's talk.


it's me :] yay! i'm gonna TRY to post regularly. i've joined SWAPBOT [@swap-bot.com] and it's awesome. you can sign up for a variety of different craft projects. one thing they do is decorate little matchboxes and then fill them w/ cutesy items and then send them to your partner(s). in some you exchange postcards. sometimes things are themed..and sometimes you just look at the partner you 'send to' 's page for inspiration. or their are letter topics. one of those was my previous 'childhood books' one. 
here is my recent list of : haha. not many cities/states visited. :/ but i've had fun.


going to bingo tonight. nothing new there :) tomorrow is my uncle harry's bday. i think there's some kind of lunch or something. i have to spend some time with my grandma before she goes back to st louis sunday. :( i like having her down here cause we play cards. ah well. her home is there, so.......

nothing much else is going on. i hear we're working the next 2 saturdays (mostly cause we're off memorial day, then the oven gets cleaned) and i will be so tired. so i thought i'd catch up on stuff a little, while i can. i try to get here and read everything when i can. i hope all is well with all of you.


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